Are Performance Brake Pads Worth It?

Should You Get Performance Brake Pads?

As you likely know, your car or truck’s brakes use pads to generate and absorb friction against the rotors. These consumable items play a central role in slowing and controlling your vehicle. The experts at Austin’s Pro Max recommend changing your brake pads from time to time as they get worn down. You may have considered opting for aftermarket, performance brake pads over your manufacturer’s pads. Is this the right option?

What Brake Pads Do

First, it is helpful to understand what brake pads do. Most passenger vehicles use disc brakes. These have a rotor attached to the wheel. Around the rotor is a brake caliper which presses down on the rotor to slow it down. The brake pads fit inside the caliper and are the buffer between the two metal components. They allow your brakes to create smooth friction while also protecting the other parts.

Aftermarket Brake Pads

You don’t have to stick with the brake pads made by your manufacturer. Instead, you could opt for aftermarket brake pads. There are budget versions and performance versions of differing qualities. For our purposes today, we are focusing on performance aftermarket pads.

The benefits of these include better heat distribution, less brake fade, and superior stopping power. Depending on the quality you choose, the aftermarket pads may be cheaper or more expensive than the original equipment manufacturer pads.

However, performance brake pads typically need to run hotter than OEM. They also may be noisier. In some cases, they can cause more wear due to their grippier materials. Therefore, you may need brake repair services sooner.

OEM Brake Pads

OEM brake pads are typically designed to be used in all situations. They are quieter and can run from cold better. They will also wear your brake rotors less.

However, they do not offer as responsive or fast braking. Additionally, they may wear down sooner than the more advanced performance brake pads.

Overall, OEMs are fine for most driving. However, if you want to head off-road or on the track, strongly consider performance alternatives.

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