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Extend the Life of Your Car with A Proper Tune-Up

Avoid Problems With Preventative Maintenance Preventative maintenance, like proper tune-ups, targets your vehicle’s problem areas and helps resolve minor issues before they become catastrophic. At Austin’s Pro Max in Puyallup, Washington, we provide customized maintenance services to fit the make and model of your vehicle. A thorough engine check for problems like leaks, vibrations, and

Think Twice Before Hitting That Speed Bump

How Your Steering and Suspension Work Together To Keep You Safe The steering and suspension system supports the weight of your vehicle. It absorbs shocks and bumps from the road, allows easy cornering, and facilitates handling and traction under changing road conditions. Suspension issues are commonplace in Spanaway, Washington, and can make for unsafe driving

Help, My Check Engine Light Is On. What Does It Mean?

Check Your Gas Cap First An illuminated check engine light elicits a range of emotions. Some people put a piece of tape over it and pretend it doesn’t exist. While others immediately feel a sense of panic followed by an array of questions. What does it mean? What should I do? How much will this

Top 6 Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency and Save Money

Save Big with Small Changes Gas prices are rising, so motorists are looking for ways to increase fuel efficiency. We get it at Austin’s Pro Max because we drive cars too. Every time a customer walks into our auto repair shop in Puyallup, Washington, they ask our mechanics what they can do. Hybrid vehicles are

How to Keep Your Car Safe on The Road

Six Car Safety Tips While today's cars are built with an abundance of safety mechanisms, driving a 4,000-pound vehicle daily is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Weather, road conditions, other drivers, and distractions can all lead to unsafe conditions. At Austin's Pro Max in Spanaway, Washington, your safety is our priority.

Is Your Gas Tank on Empty?

7 Reasons Your Car Won’t Start, Including the Obvious Today’s vehicles are incredibly reliable but even with proper maintenance by the pros at Austin’s Pro Max, mechanical things break, and auto repair is needed. Nothing is more frustrating than turning the key or hitting the starter button to find out you’re going nowhere fast. What

Leaky Brakes—Our Brake Repair Pros Have You Covered!

Can Brake Fluid Flood My Engine? Your car consists of numerous interconnected systems that work together to boost power and performance. But if one system is damaged, can it affect another? If you’ve ever wondered if brake fluid can be sucked into your engine, the brake repair specialists at Austin’s Pro Max in Puyallup, Washington,

Need New Spark Plugs?

3 Risky Consequences of Never Changing Your Spark Plugs Your car’s engine is arguably its most critical component. Without it, your car wouldn’t be drivable. The engine comprises numerous parts that work together to power your vehicle. While many drivers don’t think twice about these smaller engine parts, including the spark plugs, they play a

Problems Under the Hood?

Here’s What to Do if Your Car Has a Broken Belt or Hose When many people think about auto repair services, a flat tire or overheated engine may quickly come to mind. However, your car is a complex machine full of many different components. While a broken belt or hose under the hood may not

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Does Your Car Have Bad Oxygen Sensors? What You Need to Know As a driver, the last thing you want to see as you’re cruising down the highway is the check engine light on your dashboard. However, this indicator is commonly triggered by bad oxygen sensors. But what are oxygen sensors, and how do you