Career Paths in Auto Repair and Services

Careers in the Automotive Industry

Do you enjoy cars and trucks? Are you thinking about a possible career in the auto repair field? This industry can be a great field to make a career. It is rewarding both financially and professionally. However, you may be wondering what career options are open to you. Below are two of the main paths for people working in the auto services field.

Working as an Auto Technician

When you visit an auto shop such as Austin’s Pro Max, the auto technicians are the people doing the “heavy lifting.” Some technicians are generalists who can work on a wide variety of problems and vehicles. Others specialize in particular systems or models. However, they all are spending their days helping to maintain and repair cars and trucks.

Top shops hire certified technicians. These professionals have received (and continue to receive) training that makes them capable of handling a diverse array of automotive service needs.

Becoming a Service Writer/Customer Service Representative

At the front of the shop, service writers interact directly with customers. They help to manage the relationship between the customer, the shop, and the technician. By working with the customer to identify what issues need servicing, service writers help ensure that technicians are fully in the loop.

They have training and experience in the different types of work that can be performed by auto technicians. In some cases, service writers are people new to the field who are learning the ropes. In other cases, they are long-term professionals that are dedicated to helping customers.

Making Your Career

Whether you are interested in working on vehicles or working with people, there are plenty of opportunities in the automotive field. After all, people need to drive. So, they need workers to help them maintain and repair their cars and trucks. With a little training and the right attitude, you can go a long way in this industry.

Learn About Auto Service Careers in Tacoma

Are you interested in careers in the Tacoma area? Contact Austin’s Pro Max to learn about our current openings. Alternatively, if you need help with your car or truck, you can call us to schedule an appointment.

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