Does Your Car Need a Tune-Up?

Here's How to Know

It sometimes takes a vehicle emergency for drivers to schedule a service appointment with their auto care center. Unfortunately, waiting too long to have a car and its issues checked out can spell trouble where repair bills and road safety are concerned. What are some signs that you need to get a tune-up for your car before a repair situation becomes very expensive or complicated? Here are some of the most common ones.

Engine Troubles

Are you having trouble starting your car's engine? This is a telltale sign that a tune-up is needed. It can be caused by several issues that need to be identified early, which a regular maintenance checkup can help you with.

Funny Noises

A strange noise that you haven't heard before is a red flag letting you know that something is going wrong with your vehicle. Many sounds are a sign that a car part is loose or has broken off. Getting to the bottom of the problem as soon as possible can prevent complex repair issues.

A Warning Light

Warning lights exist for a reason - they show car owners that something needs to be addressed by a professional. There is no time to waste if a warning illuminates in your vehicle, so bring it in for inspection as soon as possible.

Steering or Braking Issues

Is your steering leaning when you drive? This means that your wheels are misaligned. A bad alignment isn't just bad for your fuel economy, it's horrible for your safety. Take your car in for re-alignment as soon as this problem pops up. Issues with your ability to brake also need to be addressed quickly so you can securely operate your vehicle.

A Car That Stalls

A stalling vehicle is another issue that can quickly become a threat to your road safety if you don' t take steps to address the issue. Bring your car in for a tune-up to stay as safe as possible.

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Written by Austin's Pro Max

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