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Is Your Gas Tank on Empty?

7 Reasons Your Car Won’t Start, Including the Obvious

Today’s vehicles are incredibly reliable but even with proper maintenance by the pros at Austin’s Pro Max, mechanical things break, and auto repair is needed. Nothing is more frustrating than turning the key or hitting the starter button to find out you’re going nowhere fast. What could it be? Here are seven common reasons your car won’t start:

1. Shifter Not in Park

A car won’t start if it’s in gear. Make sure the shifter is in park or neutral. Suppose your car won’t start in park but will crank up in neutral, or vice versa. In that case, you could have a bad neutral safety switch and should visit an automotive professional stat.

2. Dead Key Fob Battery

You hit the key fob, and nothing happens. It may be time to replace the key fob battery. Many manufacturers have a physical key hidden in the fob or a battery-less identifier as a backup.

3. Bad or Dead Battery

No lights, no sound, no action. A dead battery could be to blame. Check your owner’s manual for the proper way to jump-start your vehicle so you don’t damage today’s sensitive electronics. Loose cable connections or corrosion could also be to blame.

4. Bad Alternator

If the car starts, then stalls, or the interior lights go from Las Vegas bright to dinner by candlelight bright, the alternator could be to blame. The battery symbol may also illuminate on your dash. Professional auto repair services are needed here.

5. Starter Motor

If your lights and horn work but you hear a clicking when turning the key, the starter motor could be at fault. If you experience electrical issues or have difficulty turning your key, your mechanic is probably looking at the ignition switch.

6. Fuel System Problem

Rule out the battery if the lights and accessories work and the starter cranks. But why won’t your car start? The guilty party could be a clogged fuel filter, gas line, or a bad fuel pump. Then again, you may also want to look in the mirror. We hate to bring it up but make sure your fuel tank isn’t empty or so low on gas the fuel pickup can’t deliver gas to the engine.

7. Engine Problem

Damaged engine components like old spark plugs, a bad distributor cap, or a broken timing belt, timing chain, or timing gear can land you in park. Time to get a tow to Austin’s Pro Max for expert auto repair services.

Seek Professional Auto Repair Services

When it comes to troubleshooting starting issues, contact the qualified team at Austin’s Pro Max in Tacoma, Washington. We have the training, knowledge, and equipment to diagnose any vehicle make or model. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as keeping your gas tank full. However, the reasons often aren’t obvious, and that’s where our crew stands ready with certified auto repair services. Remember, preventative maintenance and preparation can be the difference between starting your car and hearing the sounds of silence.

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