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Can Brake Fluid Flood My Engine?

Your car consists of numerous interconnected systems that work together to boost power and performance. But if one system is damaged, can it affect another? If you’ve ever wondered if brake fluid can be sucked into your engine, the brake repair specialists at Austin’s Pro Max in Puyallup, Washington, are here to help. The short answer is yes. Brake fluid can occasionally get into your engine.

Can Brake Fluid Seep into My Engine?

Brake fluid can leak into your engine. If enough brake fluid has leaked into the power brake booster, it can get sucked into the manifolds and eventually make its way into the cylinders. While certain fluids, such as motor oil, keep your engine healthy, others can be extremely hazardous. If you pour brake fluid into your oil tank, it will break down the seals on the engine, causing dangerous problems. That’s why it’s important to take your car to a certified mechanic right away if you think brake fluid has entered your engine.

How Can Brake Fluid Get into My Engine?

A brake fluid leak can happen when the pistons that operate the brake pads get hyperextended. This can cause the cylinder seals to wear down and fluid to leak out.

Some common symptoms of a brake fluid leak include:

  • A puddle of clear, dark brown, or yellow-colored liquid under your car
  • A flashing brake warning light on your dashboard
  • Your brake feels soft or spongy when you apply pressure

If you notice any of these red flags, call the automotive repair technicians at Austin’s Pro Max right away. A leaking brake system can be extremely dangerous.

Superior Brake Repair Services in Puyallup

If your car is leaking brake fluid, it’s important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. This could prevent other issues, such as brake fluid getting sucked into your engine. Schedule a brake repair appointment at Austin’s Pro Max in Puyallup, Washington, today to keep your car's brakes in optimal condition. We’ve been providing our customers with quality car care solutions since 2011. Contact us now by calling (253) 472-1336 to keep your car in great shape.

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