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Complete Brake Repair & Replacement Services Available!

Your vehicle’s braking system plays an important role in the quality and safety of your drive. By pressing your brake pedal, you activate a complex system of components that allow your vehicle to slow down and stop, even at high speeds. It’s because of this complex system that you’re able to navigate traffic or avoid a potentially nasty accident. So if you notice your vehicle’s braking system is in trouble, it’s important that you have the right team servicing it, and that’s where Austin’s Pro Max -- Puyallup comes in. Our professionally trained technicians and office staff utilize the latest tools and service techniques to ensure your brakes are meeting the highest standards of safety and performance. Whether it’s replacing the brake pads or bleeding the brake line, we’ll have every service your vehicle’s braking system will need!

What Service Does Your Brakes Need?

At Austin’s Pro Max -- Puyallup, we have a multitude of brake services available for your vehicle! We understand that your braking system could run into a variety of problems, and we want to make sure that we have the solutions for you! Not sure what your vehicle needs? Give our shop a call and chat with one of our automotive professionals. They’ll be able to determine what’s best for your vehicle based on factors such as your budget, concerns, and your vehicle’s make, model, and current condition. Here are just a few of the services we offer!

Brake Pad Replacement

If you notice that your brake pads are less than 3 millimeters in thickness or you hear a squeaking, squealing, or even a grinding sound, your vehicle will require a brake pad replacement. Ideal brake pads should be around 12 millimeters and once they’ve reached that minimum, it can cause damage to your braking system. By replacing the brake pads, you’ll avoid a situation where your metal calipers are squeezing against the metal brake disc. That metal-on-metal contact can destroy your brake disc and rotor, which will leave you with a very expensive repair bill.

Bleeding The Brake Line

If you notice that you're pressing further down the brake pedal to activate the brakes, you’re probably dealing with a spongy brake. A spongy brake will require this service to alleviate it, as the cause for it is air or moisture being trapped in the brake line. Our technicians will slowly remove the air and moisture from the brake line, which will restore your brakes to their proper function. If not promptly handled, the brake pedal will eventually reach the floor of your vehicle and you’ll be left in a “no brakes” situation.

Schedule Your Next Service With Us!

If you notice that your brake pads have reached their minimum level of thickness or that the brake rotor is completely warped, schedule your next brake repair in Puyallup, WA with Austin’s Pro Max! Our professionally trained technicians and office staff will have a variety of brake services available for your vehicle! Regardless of what issue your brakes are dealing with, we’ll be able to handle it all! Give us a call at 253-539-9393 and schedule an appointment with us today! In the area and want to stop by our shop? Visit us at 11502 Canyon Road E., we look forward to helping you and your vehicle achieve the best results possible!