Signs You Need Transmission Repair

How to Tell if Your Vehicle Has a Problem

Do you know what the transmission does in your vehicle? It’s okay if you don’t. Austin’s Pro Max in Tacoma, Washington knows that not all drivers are automotive experts, but we do want all drivers to know what problem signs to watch out for. That way, they know when it’s time to visit our shop for service! The transmission is a complex and crucial component to your vehicle’s function, which is why you’ll want to keep it in top condition and avoid any major repairs. Contact our experts at your first warning of any issues to minimize potential repairs!

Signs of Transmission Problems

Strange Sounds

With most components of your vehicle, the sound of their operation can tell you whether there is a problem. Basically, anything that sounds “off” from what is normal for your vehicle could indicate a problem. Specifically for the transmission, whining or high-pitched sounds could mean the gears are slipping. You might also notice the engine roaring for no apparent reason, as though it’s not in the right gear, if the transmission has an issue.


Most drivers know what to expect when they turn their vehicle on. After a few seconds, the engine roars to life with its usual cadence. Without realizing it, you have probably become accustomed to normal transmission function too. So when you pick up on delayed engagement when shifting, take it as a sign to visit an auto shop. It may happen when shifting your vehicle from “park” to “drive.” A long pause before your vehicle gets moving, even when you’ve hit the gas pedal, is not a great sign.

Warning Light

Perhaps the easiest sign to detect is the one that’s right under the driver’s nose. In the event of a transmission problem, your vehicle’s computer system may detect it and send a signal to visit a professional through the check engine light. If you see the light and notice any other signs of transmission problems, there’s a good chance you’ll need transmission repair soon.

If you need transmission repair, don’t panic! Simply contact the experts at Austin’s Pro Max in Tacoma, Washington!

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