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Take Care of These Auto Repairs Together

Repairs You Can Do at the Same Time

If you need to buy food for the week, you only want to go to the grocery store once. So if you know your vehicle needs multiple repairs around the same time, why come back for separate appointments? Some auto shops don’t clue drivers in that certain repairs are best done in conjunction with others, which can be frustrating to vehicle owners. Right after you visit the auto shop, you have to go back again! That’s not the case with Austin’s Pro Max in Tacoma, Washington. In this post, we’re sharing a few key repairs that are best done together!

In addition to saving time, combining auto repairs into one visit makes sense for long term value and performance. Let’s dive in to find out why!

Car Battery & Cables

When your car’s battery eventually dies, the cables may also be nearing the end of their life. Check for fraying or damage. Replacing cables that connect the battery, fuse box, starter, or frame at the same time just makes sense!


Unless your vehicle is suffering from a specific problem, like wheel misalignment, the tires should wear out evenly. You don’t want to replace one at a time and drive on tires that are all different ages! Replace all four at once or in pairs to ensure even tire wear. Front and rear sets go together for uniformity, regardless of whether you drive a front-, rear-, or all-wheel drive vehicle.

Shocks & Struts

These parts go together and like the tires, should exhibit similar wear patterns. While not all steering and suspension components will need replacement at the same time, you should at least take care of these two together on all four wheels of your vehicle to keep the ride balanced. Doing things one at a time may place extra strain on one corner of the vehicle.

Why pay a mechanic to access one part of your vehicle this week and then again next week for a similar repair? These repairs go together and can save you time and hassle when combined. For more information about how to streamline your next service, call the experts at Austin’s Pro Max in Tacoma, Washington!

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