The History of the Check Engine Light

What is the Check Engine Light, and When was it Developed?

We take for granted how much history there is about automobiles. For example, not many people know the history behind the check engine light in a vehicle. Below, we’ll provide you with a quick history lesson about how this dashboard light came to be.

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What is the Check Engine Light?

The check engine light is a computerized warning light that means there's a problem somewhere within the engine. In most makes and models, it will either look like a picture of an engine or will read as a phrase like “Service Engine Soon." If the light is blinking, however, it means there is an immediate problem, and you should seek help from a professional mechanic right away.

How was the Check Engine Light Created?

Dashboard lights were only used in vehicles with computerized engine controls in the early 1980s. In comparison to what we have today, these early diagnostic systems were quite primitive, as they were only capable of monitoring manufacturer-specific automobile issues. As a result, auto technicians had a much harder time determining what caused the dashboard light to illuminate.

The dashboard light didn't make its debut in all automobiles until 1996, as part of a federal mandate to reduce vehicle emissions. As such, the light became a requirement for all cars sold in the United States as part of a development of a standardized system to better service vehicles.

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