The Most Expensive Auto Repairs

What Causes Serious Car Problems

Change Your Perspective!

We get it. Cars are expensive and their maintenance needs can really add up. That’s what leads some drivers to skip over oil changes, neglect tire replacement, and ignore performance problems. They think those problems will be too costly to fix and prefer to save the money. But we can tell you that what happens next is far worse!

Austin’s Pro Max in Spanaway, Washington is on a mission to change the way vehicle owners view auto repairs and maintenance. They are a way to prevent serious problems! Regular service keeps parts in top condition and systems in perfect working order, so you don’t end up with high repair bills!

What Happens When You Skip Service

What happens when you ignore your vehicle’s needs? The problems worsen and lead to much, much more serious issues that require more intensive repairs. That means higher repair costs! A slight problem that could have been a simple fix may end up costing hundreds of dollars! The most expensive auto repairs happen when a problem is left to worsen and spread. Think of your car as a complete system -- when one part fails, it places more pressure on another to get the job done, increasing strain and wear. That part will fail prematurely, and it’s a domino effect to a total breakdown!

Let’s say you skip over a tune-up, even though you know your car needs it to continue driving as it should. Engine parts that needed to be replaced stay in place, left to perform outside of their recommended range. Air & fuel filters, oxygen sensors, motor oil -- everything stays the same, causing your car to run on dirty or weakened parts. Replacing an oxygen sensor is a small and simple task. If ignored, they will inevitably fail. This could lead to engine misfiring and eventually, a failed catalytic converter! Cha-Ching!

Care for Your Vehicle

In some rare cases, more costly auto repair is unavoidable. But for the most part, regular visits to professional auto technicians can help you prevent serious problems. In the example we used, a new oxygen sensor is surely more affordable than a new catalytic converter! We recommend giving your car what it needs according to a timely service schedule. These are optimized to keep your car in top condition without breaking the bank!

Written by Austin's Pro Max

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