Think Twice Before Hitting That Speed Bump

How Your Steering and Suspension Work Together To Keep You Safe

The steering and suspension system supports the weight of your vehicle. It absorbs shocks and bumps from the road, allows easy cornering, and facilitates handling and traction under changing road conditions. Suspension issues are commonplace in Spanaway, Washington, and can make for unsafe driving conditions. For a comfortable and safe ride, having a suspension repair shop like Austin’s Pro Max in your contacts list is good.

How the Steering Works

You don’t typically think of a steering wheel as safety equipment but imagine driving at high speed when your car becomes difficult to turn. It’s a possibility. Preventative maintenance is the best line of defense. Routine inspections of components like the power steering pump, steering rack, and power steering hoses are essential. Your car should drive in a straight line when the wheel is released. If you’re wrestling with your steering wheel, there’s a problem.

How the Suspension Works

The suspension keeps your car stable on uneven roads and through turns and provides a comfortable ride. Made up of shocks and struts, a sway bar, coil springs, bushings, and ball joints, it’s meant to absorb some impact, but it’s not indestructible. Standard steering and suspension services are the best way to avoid more costly suspension repairs like replacing the total system.

Things That Ruin Your Suspension

Besides routine maintenance services, there are things you can do to avoid suspension repair services. Be mindful of curbs, speedbumps, and potholes. Hitting any of these with too much force can cause significant damage. Look in your vehicle owner’s manual, and you’ll find the max weight limit. Don’t overload your vehicle, as excess weight can cause suspension problems. Finally, don’t slam on your brakes. Forcefully pressing the brake pedal causes brake and suspension components to wear out prematurely.

Recognizing a Potential Problem

Common signs of suspension problems include noises when hitting bumps or a bouncy suspension when hitting bumps. A clunking noise is also a tell. These are all red flags that your car needs suspension repair services. If your vehicle pulls to one side, it may be time for a wheel alignment or other auto service. An off-center steering wheel or loose steering also indicates something is wrong.

A Word of Caution

Never adjust your driving to accommodate a suspension problem. If you notice a change in handling, visit Austin’s Pro Max for a complete inspection. Ignoring problems can lead to extensive damage, sudden breakdowns, and unexpected mishaps, putting you and those around you at risk. Waiting too long to come in can also lead to additional brake, tire, and transmission problems. Coming in at the first sign of trouble will save you money, time, and headaches. Professional suspension repair services by our techs will ensure your safe return to the road.

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