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Top 6 Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency and Save Money

Save Big with Small Changes

Gas prices are rising, so motorists are looking for ways to increase fuel efficiency. We get it at Austin’s Pro Max because we drive cars too. Every time a customer walks into our auto repair shop in Puyallup, Washington, they ask our mechanics what they can do. Hybrid vehicles are expensive, and there’s no need to buy a new car if yours is in good working order. Combine these six tips to increase fuel efficiency and save money.

Don’t Be Aggressive

Most cars’ peak fuel efficiency is 40-60 miles per hour. Any faster and aerodynamic drag requires the engine to work harder. Accelerating quickly also forces the engine to work hard and burn more fuel. Be mindful of braking habits as well. Slamming on brakes and tailgating (causing you to slam on the brakes) decreases fuel efficiency. These bad habits create unsafe driving conditions and could land you in an auto repair shop following an accident.

Driving Habits

While you’re out, limit idling by avoiding things like drive-thru lines. Combining trips into one trip with multiple stops is ideal. Also, mapping your journey out to include roads with the least amount of stop signs, red lights, and hard turns is a plus.

Proper Inflation

Having the right tires on your vehicle is also crucial. The U.S. Department of Energy says adequately inflated tires can improve your car’s fuel efficiency by 3%! Find this number in your owner’s manual or on the label inside the driver’s door. Low profile, oversized, or wide tires are less fuel efficient. It’s also a good idea to visit an auto repair shop like Austin’s Pro Max for regular tire rotation, balance, and wheel alignment.

Don’t Be a Drag

Your vehicle is not a storage unit. Strapping items to the roof, rolling windows down, and adding aesthetic components like spoilers will increase drag and overwork the engine. Traveling with excess weight will burn more fuel, so clean out your car.

When To Fill Up

For better fuel pickup, keep your tank at least one-quarter full. This also prevents the fuel lines from freezing in cold temperatures. Fill up your gas tank in the morning or at night. This helps keep fuel dense and limits the impact of afternoon heat on gas. Doing this ensures you get more fuel for the same amount of money.

Vehicle Maintenance

The most important thing you can do is follow a vehicle maintenance schedule. At Austin’s Pro Max, we’ll check tires, filters, spark plugs, and ensure the right oil is used for peak engine performance during routine auto service. We’re here to save you money by spotting problems before they become costly. Maintenance also helps avoid unscheduled auto repair services that can become costly. Call us today to schedule your auto repair or maintenance appointment and ensure you’re achieving maximum fuel efficiency!

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