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Want to Be an Auto Repair Expert?

Careers in Auto Repair

Are you interested in a career in the auto repair industry? Being a technician can be highly rewarding -- just ask the team at Austin’s Pro Max in Spanaway, Washington! Here’s what we can tell you about our profession.

You Have to Learn

Being a successful auto repair technician is about more than a love for cars. You need to really know cars and be able to pass tests to prove your knowledge and skills. Earning certifications in the industry means you have to learn, study, and take tests. For some individuals, this can be a barrier to their success. If you are committed to fixing cars, continue learning to develop your skills and you can become a highly specialized, successful technician! You never know what opportunities might open up for you when you dedicate yourself to improving.

You Have to Solve Problems

Sometimes the hardest part of being an auto repair technician is fixing highly complex car problems. It takes a special skillset to solve these issues. You have to be patient to understand that some tasks take time. Auto repairs can be very labor intensive and might require you to get under the hood of a car for hours on end to identify and fix an issue. You also have to be willing to cooperate with team members to get things done. Auto shops work as a team to complete services and get customers back on the road. The reward for all the hard work is a healthy vehicle and a happy client!

You Have to Adapt

Problem solving requires adapting to different situations. Whether that means dealing with a variety of problems that come into the shop or dealing with different clients who have their own concerns, technicians have to adapt to their situation and provide solutions. One moment the shop might be calm and quiet, and the next a dozen drivers could call with complex issues they need help with. Drivers look to us to provide answers, explanations, and effective solutions! We’re expected to think critically and communicate clearly.

Want to know more about what it’s like to be an auto repair technician? Ask the team at Austin’s Pro Max in Spanaway, Washington! We would be happy to share our stories with you!

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