What Is a Tune-Up?

Tune-Ups Explained

You may have heard that cars and trucks sometimes need tune-ups. However, if you are like most drivers, you have no idea what this is or what is involved. Learning a little more about this process can help you decide if and when your vehicle should bring your car to Austin’s Pro Max to get a tune-up.

What Is It?

In short, a tune-up is a type of preventative maintenance aimed at ensuring a vehicle will run smoothly and perform properly. The goal is to ensure that your car or truck stays on the road and runs without problems. It can also help to maintain good performance and fuel efficiency. In other words, getting tune-ups is an integral part of taking care of your vehicle.

What Is Involved?

The steps involved in a tune-up depend a little on the vehicle and who is performing it. These are some of the most common tasks:

  • Check spark plugs and replace if necessary
  • Inspect ignition wire and coils, distributor cap and roto
  • Replace engine air filter and cabin air filter
  • Change oil and replace the filter
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Check serpentine belt, timing belt, and tensioner
  • Check and correct coolant, power steering, and brake fluid levels

Many of these elements of a tune-up probably sound familiar. They should! The majority of tune-up work is merely making sure that the vehicle is well-maintained. You may be surprised how much changing the filters and oil can affect how a car or truck performs. Stay on top of your maintenance.

When Do You Need a Tune-Up?

Typically, you should schedule a tune-up at least once per year. It is likely already rolled into your annual service, depending on where you take your vehicle. When you work with a reputable auto shop, they will check out all the critical systems of your car or truck to make sure everything is in good working order.

Some older vehicles may need tune-ups more regularly. Additionally, you should always take your vehicle for a service after it has been sitting for a while.

Get Tune-Ups and Other Auto Services in Tacoma

If you need some work done on your car or truck, bring it to Austin’s Pro Max. We provide a diverse array of auto repair and maintenance services. You can find us on South Tacoma Way or call us to schedule an appointment.

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