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Why You Can’t Pass Emissions Tests With a Check Engine Light On

Check Engine Lights and Emissions Tests

You need to take your car or truck every year for an inspection for roadworthiness and an emissions test in many states. If you have your check engine light on, you should know that you will likely fail the test. While you may be able to drive around even with the light on, it is an indication of deeper issues that will need to be fixed. The skilled mechanics at Austin’s Pro Max are here to help!

Check Engine Lights and OBD-II

The check engine light is turned on when your vehicle’s computer detects a problem. The light can activate because of a diverse array of causes. The light alone is never enough to diagnose the issue. Fortunately, the computer also stores a diagnostic error code whenever there is a problem. Mechanics plug a particular reader into your OBD-II (on-board diagnostics) port to read the codes.

Many cars have multiple lights indicating different faults. When the check engine light comes on, there is an emissions-related problem. This doesn’t mean that your vehicle’s emissions are out of compliance. However, the problem will need addressing to pass the test.

Why It Matters

When your check engine light is turned on, there is a problem with your car. The light itself isn’t the issue. Turning it off and resetting the codes won’t solve the problem, and your vehicle will likely fail the emissions test.
Basically, there is no simple way around the problem. You will have to get the issue fixed before your car will be allowed on the roads legally.

What To Do

Head to a mechanic to get the codes checked. While the problem could be one of several issues, getting it solved sooner rather than later will almost always be cheaper and easier. Don’t wait to resolve the problem. Get it checked as soon as possible.

Deal With Your Check Engine Light and Other Issues in Puyallup, WA

If you have your check engine light on in the Puyallup area, you can count on the team at Austin’s Pro Max to fix the issue. Come by our Canyon Road East location or call to schedule an appointment. We can also do your inspection and emissions test once the problem is solved.

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