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Are New Cars Easier to Maintain?

How Much maintenance Does The Average new Vehicle Need?

Newer cars in Spanaway can be easier to maintain. However, older cars can be, too. Much depends on the specific vehicles, the driving habits of the people operating the vehicles, and how often they perform regular maintenance.

Newer Cars: Maintenance and Auto Repair Considerations

Here are some ways in which newer cars are easier to maintain:

  • Any repairs are usually free and covered under an original, factory warranty.
  • Owners worry less about paying for unexpected expenses due to the warranty.
  • The car purchase price may include oil changes and other ongoing types of maintenance.
  • Safety features decrease the chances of accidents.
  • Technological advances mean that cars can go longer without needing oil changes and other types of maintenance.
  • Auto repair parts may be easier to find.

On the other hand, cars are sometimes released without all of their issues being identified. A vehicle make and model that seems fine at first may reveal itself to have a few issues after a few months or a year.

Older Cars: Maintenance and Auto Repair Considerations

Older cars have some maintenance advantages, too.

  • Owners have the opportunity to purchase older cars with proven track records of reliability.
  • Online shopping makes it even easier to shop for reliable used vehicles.
  • A number of safety features are available on many older vehicles and reduce the number of accidents.
  • The factory warranty may still apply (although you should not count on it).

Some used cars require the same amount of maintenance or even less than a newer car. However, owners of used cars must be especially patient and thorough when shopping. For example, car accident histories are not always transparently explained. A car with a history of accidents is more likely to have damaged parts and to need more upkeep.

In general, a newer car does mean fewer repairs, and they should be covered under warranty. Think of maintenance as a big-picture issue, though. A newer car eventually loses its status as a new car, but good support keeps it running well. At Austin's Pro Max in Spanaway (Pierce County, Washington), we provide high-quality auto care for a variety of vehicles. We aim to keep your car operating at its best to save you money.

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