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Problems Under the Hood?

Here’s What to Do if Your Car Has a Broken Belt or Hose

When many people think about auto repair services, a flat tire or overheated engine may quickly come to mind. However, your car is a complex machine full of many different components. While a broken belt or hose under the hood may not seem like a big deal, these little parts can lead to huge problems. What should you do if your car has a failing belt or hose? The automotive repair mechanics at Austin’s Pro Max in Spanaway, Washington, are here to help.

Here’s everything you need to know about broken belts and hoses under your hood.

Heater and Coolant Hoses

The hoses that are part of your car’s cooling system are made from flexible rubber components. These hoses are the system’s weakest components and are subject to dramatic fluctuations in temperatures, sludge, oil, and dirt. Heater and cooling hoses can quickly wear down and start to crack. The hoses may even rupture from the heat and pressure of your engine. To keep your vehicle’s heating and cooling system in excellent condition, we recommend replacing all of the system’s hoses every four years. If a hose fails, it will need to be replaced right away.

Accessory Belts

Your car’s belts are also susceptible to heat, pressure, oil, and abrasions. Most modern cars have a multi-grooved belt that powers the water pump, alternator, air-conditioning compressor, and power-steering pump. This belt is more prone to failure on vehicles with 50,000 miles or more on the odometer. Our certified mechanics can closely inspect the accessory belt for cracks, splits, fraying, or glazing. If the belt needs to be replaced, we’ll install one identical in length, width, and groove number to keep your car operating at its best.

Spanaway’s Auto Repair Specialists

If you think a hose or belt is damaged on your car, call the experienced technicians at Austin’s Pro Max in Spanaway, Washington, today. We’ll efficiently inspect, diagnose, and repair your car so you can get back on the road right away. Call us today at (253) 472-1336 to schedule your automotive repair appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

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