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The 4 Most Expensive Reasons for Check Engine Lights

Costly Check Engine Light Causes

When your check engine light illuminates on the dashboard, you may find yourself sweating. It is never a welcome sign. Of course, if you have ever dealt with this light, you probably know that the causes vary significantly. It can turn on because your gas cap is loose or because your transmission needs to be replaced. The experts at Austin’s Pro Max can identify and fix the problem in Spanaway, but you may be concerned about how much it will cost. The following are four of the most expensive reasons it may come on.

1) Transmission Fault

If your transmission is damaged or malfunctioning, you should expect a significant repair bill. In some cases, you may need to replace the system completely. This can cost several thousand dollars, even on relatively affordable cars. On some older models, it is a reason to total the car. Some repairs are a little more reasonable. If you get a check engine light, have it checked right away. It could save you money if you can fix the problem quickly.

2) Cylinder Head Gasket Issues

When your engine overheats, it can damage the cylinder head or head gaskets. This can become an expensive repair bill. While you probably don’t want to spend any more than you have to, it is a good idea to inspect and repair the cooling system as well. It is much better to fix the root cause than to have more cylinder head damage.

3) Gas Mass Sensor Malfunction

This system monitors the gas going into your engine. It helps to manage the fuel/air mixture. Without a properly working GMS, you will have poor fuel efficiency and diminished performance. Worse yet, the wrong mix can damage your engine. As soon as that light comes on, get the problem checked out.

4) Turbo/Supercharger Damage

These power adders push compressed air into your engine. They help you get more power with less fuel. That is good news for every driver. It is bad news, however, when the component gets damaged. This problem can quickly become worse if you aren’t getting the right amount of air to the engine.

Get Auto Repair Services in Spanaway

At Austin’s Pro Max in Spanaway, Washington, we offer experienced and effective repairs at reasonable prices. While some issues are more expensive than others, we will work hard to satisfy your needs and your wallet. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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