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Tune-Up in Puyallup, WA

The Bee City’s Auto Tune-Up Professionals -- Austin’s Pro Max

Complete Tune-Up Services Available!

If you’re looking to maximize the performance of your vehicle for a sustained period of time, it will need more than just a car wash. What it needs is a comprehensive tune-up service that repairs and replaces a variety of components found in your vehicle. But you can’t just go through one service and expect your vehicle to be fine for the rest of its lifecycle. No, to truly enjoy the benefits of your vehicle, you need to follow a routine tune-up schedule, and that’s where Austin’s Pro Max -- Puyallup can help. Our professionally trained technicians and office staff utilize the latest tools and service techniques to ensure your vehicle is performing at its best once the service is done. When you visit our shop, know that you’ll be working with the best auto tune-up professionals in the Bee City!

A Personalized Tune-Up Experience

When you visit Austin’s Pro Max -- Puyallup, you’ll be meeting with automotive professionals that truly care about you and the performance of your vehicle. We want to make sure you’re happy and confident with the vehicle you drive, and we fine-tune our auto care experience to ensure that is the result, every single time. This all starts with our office staff, who have a strong understanding of all our tune-up services. By taking note of your budget and your vehicle’s make, model, and current condition, they’ll be able to create a customized service plan that’s specifically made for your vehicle.

Once the plan is reviewed and approved by you, our technicians get to work. Professionally trained, they’ll properly assess the condition of your vehicle and provide all the services it may need, whether it’s a battery replacement or tire rotation. During the service, we encourage you to explore the beautiful Puyallup area! There are a number of stores within walking distance of our shop which includes Starbucks, KFC, Walgreens, and Safeway! Once our technicians have finished with your vehicle, one of our office staff will meet with you one last time. They’ll give you a complete breakdown of the services performed and they’ll answer any additional questions that may have come up during the service. They will not leave until all of your questions are answered!

Schedule Your Service Today!

If your vehicle is scheduled for another tune-up, let Austin’s Pro Max in Puyallup, WA quickly take care of that service for you! Our professionally trained technicians and office staff will have the services your vehicle will need to consistently perform at its best. Whether it’s an oil change or a wheel alignment, know that we’ll have it all available to you! Give us a call at 253-539-9393 and schedule an appointment with us today! In the area and want to stop by our shop? Visit us at 11502 Canyon Road E., we look forward to helping you and your vehicle achieve the best results possible!