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Muffler Repair in Tacoma, WA

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Full-Service Muffler Repair and Replacement

Although it’s easy to overlook, a properly functioning muffler plays an important role in the quality of your drive and the performance of your vehicle. It’s responsible for controlling the noise created by your engine, but modern technology has also allowed it to improve vehicle performance too! Many mufflers are designed to reduce the amount of time it takes for the exhaust gases to leave. The faster it leaves, the faster your vehicle can take in more oxygen and create power.

So if your vehicle’s muffler starts running into issues, make sure you visit the go-to muffler service shop in Tacoma, Washington -- Austin’s Pro Max. Our professionally trained technicians and office staff will work with you to provide your vehicle the high-quality, affordable auto care it needs. Whether we need to fix a small crack or replace the entire muffler, we’ll have all the services your vehicle will need!

Do You Have a Bad Muffler?

Just like any component in your vehicle, your muffler requires a consistent maintenance schedule in order to properly function. By bringing your vehicle in, we’ll be able to catch any minor problems that could become major later on. Although that is the ideal situation, we also understand that life can get in the way and that you may not be able to visit us consistently. In that case, how can you determine the health of your muffler? Fortunately for you, your muffler will give you a handful of signs that it’s starting to malfunction. Here are three things you should look out for.

Reduced Gas Mileage

Although this isn’t the clearest sign of muffler trouble, as other issues can cause this, you should inspect your muffler just to make sure. If you notice that your visiting a pump a lot more frequently and there haven’t been dramatic changes to your driving habits and conditions, these could be signs of muffler problems. Make sure you visit our shop as soon as possible so we can quickly determine what’s wrong with your vehicle!

Bad Smell

If you smell exhaust fumes in your vehicle as you drive, please visit our shop immediately . Your muffler is responsible for moving these fumes away from your vehicle, and if they’re going inside your car it could mean there’s a leak in the exhaust system. If not promptly fixed, these fumes could become fatal to you!

Loud Noises

This is a clear sign that something is wrong with your muffler, as it is responsible for muting a lot of the noise created by your vehicle’s engine. Please make sure you visit our shop as soon as possible, as not only will this noise become annoying, but you may even receive a noise violation from the local police!

Schedule Your Visit!

Make sure that you schedule your next muffler repair in Tacoma, WA with Austin’s Pro Max! Our professionally trained technicians and office staff utilize the best tools and diagnostic equipment to ensure your vehicle’s muffler is operating at its best! Give us a call at 253-472-1336 and schedule an appointment with us today! In the area and want to stop by our shop? Visit us at 5602 South Tacoma Way, we look forward to helping you and your vehicle achieve the best results possible!