Clutch Repair - Austin's Pro Max

Clutch Repair

Whether you drive with an automatic or a manual transmission, your vehicle has a clutch. In fact, in an automatic transmission, lots of small clutches. Transmissions and clutches experience more wear and tear over time than most other parts of your vehicle because of the friction and heat due to the many moving and interacting components. Clutches have friction material that can wear down after 35,000 miles of normal use causing slippage with both manual and automatic transmissions. Master cylinder leakage, broken cables or lack of pressure in the lines, among other things, can also send out warning signs or noises that need to be investigated.

We recommend checking, and changing if needed, fluids and lubrication every 15K miles or once a year. Or, investigative work on a problem if it comes sooner. Our technicians at Austin’s will have you shifting smoothly and maximizing efficiency and performance when you leave a Pro Max location.