Transmission Repair

Your transmission is a critical component of your drive-train as the connection between the engine and where the rubber meets the ground. They usually come in one of two kinds; automatic or manual. Both need attention and maintenance to make them last as long as possible and lubrication is the key; automatic transmission fluid, naturally, for automatics, and gear-lube for manuals. Although frequency is different for each, don’t skip having fluids checked and replaced per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Our technicians at Austin’s Pro Max are knowledgeable about both manual and automatic transmissions. If you’re having slow, rough shifts and slippage let us look at it and make recommendations for repair or replacement.


Additives in automatic transmission fluid can deplete over time. We recommend a flush and re-fill once a year or every 15,000 miles. The fresh fluid lubricates parts, dissipates heat and keeps abrasives and contaminates from tightly-meshing metal parts, which helps maximize the life of your automatic transmission. From a basic transmission flush to a complete rebuild of your system, at Austin’s Pro Max we have you covered.


Manual transmission lubricant protects gears, bearings, shafts and provides smooth shifting from gear-to-gear. Changing manual transmission fluid is recommended for vehicles above 45,000 miles and will help prevent premature wear and costly repairs. For tough shifting or funny noises, see us sooner!