CV Shafts & Axles - Austin's Pro Max

CV Shafts & Axles

Axle shafts are commonly referred to as “CV shafts” or “half-shafts.” An axle shaft is a narrow, pole-like part that connects a wheel to the gears in the transmission. Axles are an important part of your vehicle because it is the system that enables you wheels to rotate.

Axle shafts are made up of four basic components: shaft, CV joints, grease and the boots (grease container). The most common reason they fail is due to grease leaking out of the boot. Without the grease, the CV joints will not get lubricated, dirt will enter the joint and the whole axle will eventually wear out. If you hear a loud clicking noise when you make a turn, it can mean that the axles are bad and need replacement.

At Austin’s Pro Max we will perform a visual inspection of the axles and boots. If there is grease found around the tires, it is likely that CV boots are leaking. If it is determined the CV shaft needs to be replace, we will replace the faulty axle and re-torque all fasteners and wheels to factory specifications and get you back on the road!