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Full-Service Transmission Repair and Replacement

Outside of your engine, the transmission system may be the most important piece of technology found in your vehicle. It’s responsible for changing the gears in your vehicle and is why you’re able to drive forward, backward, and in the case of manual drivers, control your vehicle’s RPMs. It utilizes a variety of complex components in order to consistently achieve that function, and that’s why it’s important to have a team like Austin’s Pro Max take a look at it when something goes wrong. Our professionally trained technicians and office staff will be able to provide an affordable, high-quality transmission service that’ll have it operating smoothly and efficiently. Know that when you visit our shop, you’ll be working with some of the best automotive professionals in the Puget Sound!

Signs of Transmission Failure

When looking for ways to maintain your transmission system, the best course of action will be to bring your vehicle into our shop! Your transmission system was built with a variety of complex components that only our technicians can properly assess and repair. But with that said, there are a couple signs of transmission malfunction that are easy to notice. Here’s what you can look out for!

Leaking Fluid

The fluid level in your transmission system should never fluctuate, as the system doesn't consume it like fuel. If you notice that the fluid level is down or that there’s a bright red, sweet-smelling fluid found on the ground, you’re probably dealing with a leak. There are many causes for this issue, but some common issues include a worn seal/gasket, damaged bell housing, or the drive shaft being knocked off balance. Make sure you visit our shop as soon as possible, as the leaking fluid can cause some serious damage to other components in your vehicle.

Staggered Movement

The transmission system was designed to smoothly shift to the selected gear, every time. If you notice a hitch or hesitation when you are shifting gears, that is an indicative sign that something is wrong with your transmission. Although there are many causes for it, a common problem is a worn-out clutch. Manual drivers will notice this issue when they are shifting to any gears, while automatic drivers will notice this when they are shifting from “Park” or “Drive.”

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