Fuel Injection Service - Austin's Pro Max

Fuel Injection Service

Over time carbon deposits build up in a vehicle’s fuel system which effects flow of fuel. If the fuel injectors become clogged, the combustion chambers will have insufficient fuel to fire properly, resulting in engine hesitation and other performance problems. The deposits can also build up in the catalytic converter, in the intake manifold and on the throttle body. This build-up of carbon sludge can effect both fuel economy and performance.

A full fuel injection service at Austin’s Pro Max involves cleaning the throttle body, valves and injectors and remove carbon deposits from the vehicle’s catalytic converter. If the carbon deposits are severe enough, the injectors may need to be removed and reconditioned. We look for fuel leaks, perform fuel pressure bleed-down tests and injector contribution tests. We will also repair the injectors, regulated components, filters and fuel pumps. Our technicians are great at diagnosing fuel system problems on many different vehicle makes and models

No Appointment Required! A quick stop at any of our three locations in Tacoma, Puyallup and Spanaway will ensure your dirty injectors are running clean.