Check Engine Lights - Austin's Pro Max

Check Engine Light Service

Most of us have had that dashboard notification at one time or another. When it happens, see us! Your vehicle comes equipped with an onboard computer diagnostic system that monitors its operations. The system can detect anything from a loose fuel cap to a clogged catalytic converter. Sometimes, it’s just a faulty sensor, or could be something more serious.

If your check-engine light comes on, don’t ignore it. Our diagnostics’ service will determine why it’s on. Bring your vehicle in…no appointment necessary. Our Austin’s Pro Max technicians will diagnose the problem and if repairs are needed, make recommendations with cost estimates. Most times it’s something small, but if it isn’t, having it checked and knowing the problem can save a lot of headache down the road.

As stated before, don’t ignore it. A quick check at any of our three locations can eliminate the “Why’s that on?” uncertainty. And, no appointment needed.