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Clutch Replacement in Spanaway, WA

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Comprehensive Clutch Replacement Services

When people are learning how to drive a manual transmission vehicle, one of the first things they learn about is how to properly utilize the clutch. The link between your engine and wheels, it’s the reason why you can shift gears at slower speeds. Understanding how to properly use it will not only make driving easier, it’ll also make maintenance of your vehicle simpler as you won’t be exposing it to additional damage. But, whether to wear-and-tear or poor driving habits, sometimes the clutch ends up getting damaged. So when this happens to you, make sure you visit Austin’s Pro Max! Our professionally trained technicians and office staff offer some of the best clutch replacement services in Spanaway, Washington. Know that when you visit us, you’ll be working with professionals that’ll get the job done right, the first time!

Signs of Clutch Failure

Your clutch could fail for a number of different reasons -- wear and tear, poor driving habits, accidents -- and when it does, it helps to be proactive. How can you do that? Well, one of the best ways to avoid clutch problems is to understand when your clutch is starting to fail. By knowing the symptoms, you’ll be able to avoid additional damage to your already suffering clutch. Here are three simple things you can look out for.

Burnt Smell

A burnt, rubber smell is one of the most obvious signs of clutch failure. The reason for this is because the clutch plate has worn out and overheated, which has led to additional damage to your clutch. Bad driving habits such as riding the clutch and stalling out can contribute to this issue, so make sure you’re properly utilizing it. Please visit our shop as soon as possible, as you could cause additional damage to your vehicle if you let the issue persist.

Inconsistent Shifting

If you notice that your vehicle is shaking when you change gears or it isn’t operating smoothly, there may be some issues with the clutch. These signs are noticeable when you shift to first gear or reverse, but as the condition worsens it will transition to other gears within your transmission. If you notice this issue, please visit our shop before it gets any worse!

Visible Damage

This tip is for those that are more familiar with automobiles. If you’re able to remove the inspection cover and see your clutch, you’ll notice something is wrong if there is visible damage. Keep in mind that if there is black dust around the area, the clutch is fine and it is normal. PLEASE bring your vehicle into our shop if you’re not technically savvy, as attempting to do this without any knowledge of your vehicle can actually cause additional damage to it!

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If you notice issues with your vehicle’s clutch, make sure you schedule a visit with the clutch replacement specialists at Austin’s Pro Max. Our professionally trained technicians and office staff will quickly and efficiently replace the clutch so your vehicle is smoothly switching gears once more. Give us a call at 253-847-7878 and schedule an appointment with us today! In the area and want to stop by our shop? Visit us at 20027 Mountain Hwy E., we look forward to helping you and your vehicle achieve the best results possible!