Replace Shocks and Struts | Austin's Pro Max

Steering & Suspensions

Rock ‘n’ Roll can come out of your speakers…but it shouldn’t be the way your vehicle goes down the highway. By the time your car or truck reaches 50,000 miles, your shocks and struts have gone up and down over 85 million times. Obviously, there’s going to be a little wear and tear. The main purpose of shocks and struts is to keep your tires on the pavement. As they wear they don’t do this as well and you’ll get a hopping or floating feeling when you go over bumps or potholes. Sway bars and bushings also wear down. The sway bar is responsible for keeping your vehicle from rolling too much side-to-side when going around corners.

Steering and suspension together is an intricate system that allows you to have control over your vehicle and keep it going where you want it to. At Austin’s Pro Max, we can inspect and identify items and in most cases provide fixes at minimal cost to prevent more expensive repairs later. Drop by one of our three ‘no-appointment-needed‘ locations when you start to rock n roll, but the music is off. We’ll get you back on your way with a smooth ride, better handling and control, shorter braking distance and greater safety.