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Muffler Shop & Exhaust Services

Worn out or damaged exhaust systems are more of a problem than the embarrassing noise they create driving down the street. They also allow toxic, dangerous fumes inside the cabin! Occasionally these toxic leaks come without the noise.

Faulty exhaust systems (which start at your exhaust manifold and end at the tailpipe after moving through your catalytic converter and muffler) also affect performance and fuel efficiency. Other indicators of problems are rattling, hissing, and of course, the noise.

With no appointment necessary, we offer a full inspection of your exhaust system looking for weak and rusted portions, broken brackets, holes and worn areas that can allow fumes to escape. Our technicians are well versed in all systems and, in fact, can fabricate full, custom exhaust systems to drastically improve the efficiency and performance of your vehicle.

Our inspection process is quick. We recommend a once-a-year ‘no-appointment-needed’ visit to one of our three locations to be sure your safe. And quiet. Unless you want a nice exhaust note — we can do that, too with a new Flowmaster exhaust.