Tune Ups & Engine Services

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. It rewards with a continuous beat when timely check-ups and proper maintenance are performed. Over time components and parts can wear down causing a loss of performance and miles-per-gallon. Or even worse, a breakdown on a rainy night.

Regular engine tune-ups bring life back…and protect the future. With an Austin Pro Max Tune-Up, we’ll complete a thorough procedure to check your engine and support mechanisms including spark plugs, belts, hoses and filters. We’ll replace any faulty or worn electronic components such as oxygen sensors and control module parts. With parts inspected and/or replaced, we’ll adjust the idle and timing for a carefree, smooth ride — (em) and improved fuel economy, lower emissions and better performance.

No appointment necessary at any of our three locations at 56th & South Tacoma Way, 115th and Canyon in Puyallup and in Spanaway at 20027 Mountain Highway East.