Starter and Alternator Repair and Replacement | Austin's Pro Max

Starters & Alternators

You turn your car’s ignition and nothing happens…it could be a dead battery or it could be a dead starter. The starter or alternator is an electrical motor that is connected to the battery. The job of a starter is to do exactly what it says…start your engine buy setting the engine in motion when you turn over the ignition. A faulty starter or alternator can begin to show signs of failure if you hear a dragging noise when you turn the ignition or your vehicle starts intermittently. Luckily we can help!

We will inspect your vehicles starter and ignition switch and replace the starter if it has failed. We will also test for power going to the starter and inspect the starter relay, grounds and supply cables to make sure every issue is resolved. Our experts at Austin’s Pro Max will get you started again. No Appointment Required!